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DIY Ruby Red Slippers for a Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume

DIY Ruby Slippers for Dorothy Costume  This halloween we are all dressing up as characters from the Wizard of Oz 1939 film. Freya (6 months) will be the Cowardly Lion, Violet (19 months) will be Dorothy, my husband will be the Scarecrow, and I will be Glinda. (Coming soon, my post on making my Glinda costume) Photo Source Freya's lion costume was picked up second hand from a thrift store for $3.00. My husband will be using items we already have for his, and Violet already has a gingham blue dress and socks to be Dorothy. However, we did not have glittery red ruby slippers in a toddler size. (She actually has some red ruby ones from when she was a baby, but they only fit Freya now, much to Violet's chagrin.) Photo Source So, I took a pair of flats we inherited from some hand me downs and bought fabric paint a tub of fine red glitter.  Total Project Cost: $7.18 Glitter: $4.99 Fabric Glue: $3.99 Plus a 20% Joanne's coupon for the to

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