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DIY Pinafore, Overall Skirt

I love DIY sewing projects. I am a novice, but enjoy being able to make things that I would otherwise spend more money on at the store. 
Almost everything I sew is from fabric that was gifted to me, that I found at a thrift store or remnant bin, on steep sale, or was upcycled from other clothes/materials. 
This was the first dress I made Violet a little bit ago. I used black fabric from a clearance section and some black buttons I'd found on sale. I didn't have a pattern, so I used another dress that I had for Violet (from the Target clearance section).
This piece was a huge learning experience since it was my first time sewing a dress for Violet just based off of another piece of clothing. I made some mistakes, but became more comfortable with hemming skirts and using my buttonhole footpress on my machine. 
Steps:  1. Take a dress you already own and lay it over your fabric.  2. Since I did not make a bodice on this dress, I simply used the skirt part of the dress as my patt…

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