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Repurposing Onesies

I love to repurpose items. There is something gratifying about taking something you already own, but don't use, and transforming it into something you use regularly.

In this instance, Violet had quite a few onesies that weren't being used. I'm not a fan of snaps and I prefer my little person in t-shirts so I can access her diaper without having to unbutton the top.

So, the first steps were to iron my onesies, cut them, and hem them to make them into t-shirts.
(I didn't think to take a photo until after I had cute them and turned them inside use your imagination that this is a normal onesie)
However, doing this, I realized that some of the onesies were too vertical on the sides. I like my girl to have a little flair, so on a couple I inserted triangles of fabric in the sides to give them a more feminine silhouette.

(Shirt turned inside out, cut at the side seam and a piece of extra fabric from the lower part of the onesie inserted using pins. You can do this much…

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