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Fumbling and Reviewing Your Game

I know a sports metaphor right? Especially to football? Who am I? Who have I become? However, the metaphor fits. Sometimes sports are relaxing, even if I'm not really into football. The point of this post is, that sometimes we fumble (read: me) and we have no choice but to carefully, and painfully, review the footage of our performance to see where we made errors and how we can fix them. 

Recently, I reviewed our September budget and our financial performance. This is usually a fun activity for me. I get to see how much money we saved, where we cut costs, and feel pretty good about where we are headed. Such a change from when we were digging out of my stupid debt! 

Alas, this last budget review was not a time to break out the sparkling cider. Instead, it was mostly me cringing and pressing buttons while looking at my excel sheet wishing I hadn't gone to Target. (Why Target???!!!! *Shakes fist in air*) It would have been much easier to just scrap last month and work on my October…

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