DIY/Craigslist Media Stand

For the longest time we did not have a TV. We still don't actually seem to use the TV...almost ever. However, we were given an amazing hand me down one from some wonderful friends! So we found/adapted a TV stand to put it on.

One day we will have fantastic, unique, high quality furniture that we spent time antiquing for or hand crafting, "but today is not that day." (Aragorn) Especially since my oldest daughter is climbing, drawing, chewing, and destroying everything we own. Cue: This is why we can't have nice things.

We have a two daughters, one is 14 months and the other is almost 3 weeks old. This is a late post, so we actually did this project a few months back while I was still a preggernaut. (like the Juggernaut, but scarier, because...hormones.) We wanted something that would be functional, and have some amount of style.

We would prefer real wood and a cool MCM dresser, or some beautiful scandanavian light wood rustic design...really we are pretty open minded on our style. I am very ecclectic, which is a fancy way of saying I like too many things and can't commit to one vision...sigh. However, our budget was under $50, and this is what we came up with!

$10 - media stand from Craigslist (bought from the nicest people in Walnut Creek)
$26 - hairpin legs from Amazon (very nice quality) link here

Total Cost: $36

So here's our makeshift TV stand. We are most likely moving in the next two months, so we will see if the stand still works in our new living room, but I figured I should post this project before we leave. We liked this idea because: 1. It was cheap 2. We can save the legs even if we get rid of/sell the media stand 3. Violet, our oldest daughter, loves sitting in the middle spot, and she can grab all her toys from the stand.

We still rarely use our TV, but we look so normal now, and we were able to put Bambi on for our Violet and our nieces, so...worth it. 


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