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I am in love with the company Son De Flor! Unfortunately, my wallet and my tastes once again don't seem to be on the same page. Le sigh, cue world's smallest violin.

Son De Flor Website

Classic Dress, Short sleeves, Saffron

As you can see, the dress is gorgeous. It's an A-line, lined, with pockets and the perfect peter pan collar. 

So while I was 7-8 months pregnant, I became crazy obsessed with this dress. There were some issues though: 1. Cost, 2. I was an unusual shape, mostly very round in the baby area, and 3. They were sold out in all the colors/sizes combos I would have bought. 

To solve the problem, I called upon some amazing crafters/seamstresses I know for help. We got together and made our own version of the Son De Flor dress! I would still love to own an actual Son De Flor dress one day, but I love the dress I made as well. 

The Son De Flor dress retails for about $200 US. My dress cost me $9 and maybe 10 hours of time. (I worked slow)

I found the material at our local Salvation Army. The blue fabric was a curtain I bought for $9. I cut it up, washed it, and ironed it. I wanted linen and looked online, at JoAnns, local fabric stores, and second hand stores, but I couldn't find any in my price range. I am pretty happy with the color, although it is a bit brighter than I would have wanted. The fabric is also heavier than I would have liked and it frays like crazy. I may make another version of this dress, and next time I would use a lighter cotton blend or cotton fabric. I don't think I would use linen unless I had my own serger, just due to the fraying. 

I used an old sheet for the sleeve lining, and my friend gave me the beautiful white buttons for the bodice. I am happy I sewed it myself, because due to my larger bust, we were able to fit the bodice to me by addine seams to the front and back, preventing a Jackie O fit. (No offense to Jackie O's style) My wonderful sister in law donated the zipper. Thus, my only cost out of pocket was the blue curtain fabric. 

To make the dress, my friend Let the Colors Run drew up a bodice pattern, and then we added a gathered skirt and a pocket to one side of the dress. My dress had an A-line gathered skirt. Now when our dresses were done, mine didn't look as great with a Peter Pan collar so I actually opted to go without. (Totally out of character for me). My friend added the collar to hers as well as an awesome tie around the waist to give her an even better fit. If I make the dress again I will definately be adding the collar and the tie, but with my heavier fabric and pregnant shape, it didn't really work. 

So here are some photos from the process, as well as the finished project on my very pregnant self. :) The best part? I feel like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella everytime I put it on. 


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