Stuffed Baby Dinosaur - For Free

I love making things for babies, especially my baby. Furthermore, I love when I can make things for free. Often, it is cheaper to buy baby items used or even new then to make them. However, there are projects you can make with leftover fabric scraps that can bring your cost to zero and a smile to a baby. That's a win.

I recently found this cute little dinosaur project on a blog. I love blogs that include free patterns. Baby items are easy because they usually do not require too much fabric. I also enjoy making baby hats. This dinosaur takes even less fabric then a baby hat. All you need is a little fabric, some ribbon or other scrap fabric for the spikes, and some poly fill or stuffing. I used ribbon left over from my wedding bouqet and some left over fabric from a rag quilt.

Here is a link to the blog I found the pattern and instructions on:
First Day Of Mae Blog Link

Additionally here is the free pattern from her blog:

I think this dinosaur took about 15 minutes from printing the pattern, ironing the fabric, pinning it, sewing, and stuffing it. You could make any animal or shape, just draw your own pattern on some old wrapping paper or a grocery bag. This project is so small it only takes a piece of printer paper! 

My 6 month old Violet supervised the entire project from her exercise saucer. She is quite the drill sergent. 

Just as she started to get fussy, (she does not enjoy competing with the sewing machine for my attention) I stitched the last bit. (The last stitch was between the two legs on the bottom to secure all the fluff)

I quickly took the mini dino off the sewing desk and placed her into Violet's hot little hands. I felt a rush akin to one of Santa's elves making a toy on Christmas Eve. There is something extremely gratifying about making something that someone gets to enjoy right away. What a wonderful moment! 

Violet smiled, and immediately stuck the dino's tail in her mouth. It was love at first naw. Mini Dino is now a regular companion for Violet. 

Mini Dino would be a great craft for a left over fat square. I'd love to make Violet a rag doll in the near future. Maybe a knight or a mermaid? Who knows. 

Total Cost: $0 since I already had all the materials. 

What low cost to no cost crafts do you enjoy making?

If you would like to see a step by step video of how to make this little guy here is a link:
(this is not the pattern I used)


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