My Sewing Corner

Sewing is a great hobby. You can create things, mend things, and destroy beautiful fabric in the attempt to make things...but I digress. Sewing also has a downside, it takes up space and requires a lot of materials.

I have done a lot of my sewing at our coffee table, on the floor, or at our bar high dining table. None of these options work well with a foot pedal. Korance comandeered our cool mod themed desk back to the master bed room, leaving the nursery with no work table.

Luckily, driving home one day, I found this beat up ikea desk for free on the side of the road. It may not be the prettiest desk, but it is great for sewing. It also works okay with the gallery wall I finally finished for Violet's room.

Here is my finished sewing corner.

Eventually I might paint the desk and fix it up better or move it to another room. Ideally, my sewing room would not be in Violet's nursery since I mostly get to sew while she sleeps...but still, this is a marked improvement from crouching over the coffee table with a sore back.

Where is your craft area? How do you find time to sew or work on house projects...or do anything? (Violet is wailing while I type this)

Total Cost: $0 for desk, $3.00 for the lion's head, sewing machine was a gift from my wonderful grandparents, chair is borrowed from my in-laws

P.S. The weird book tower is because I accidentally broke my thread holder on my machine a while back. I had a cone holder, but broke that too. I'm accident prone Daphne at times...


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