Cutting Back - My Story


Over two years ago, I had student loans and needed to pay off my debt. Even if you don't have consumer debt or any debt, cutting back can be a great idea. The lower your expenses, the lower your cost of living. This can open all types of opportunities and create more freedom for yourself and your family.

My husband and I have a monthly savings goal and get together once a month for our budget summit. I usually draw up the budget or we do it together on a simple excel or numbers spreadsheet. Then we email it, so we both have access to it. Any changes or alterations are discussed together. 

By cutting back, we were able to pay off over 50k in debt and save up a hefty portion of our house down payment. This blog is a look at our lives. I focus on ways to cut extra spending while increasing your quality of life.

Yours, Clare


  1. I am REALLY loving your use of puns and word play throughout your posts. Thanks! -Kaity


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